Justin Bieber Reportedly Refused to Pay Venice Beach Rickshaw Driver, Said a Picture of Him Was Enough

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We all know Justin Bieber can be a jerk, but this story just pushes it to a whole new level. According to Star Magazine, the Biebs refused to pay for a bicycle rickshaw ride at Venice Beach earlier this week.

"He told me he wanted a ride to the Santa Monica pier, a good 15-20 minute ride, but the only way he was using my service is if I drive him along the boardwalk," 20-year-old rickshaw driver, Joshua Nixon told the mag.

"I tried to explain to him that it is illegal and that I could get in trouble, but it didn't seem to bother him." Because the dude wanted to make some money, he decided to go along with Bieber's request.

"Justin and Yovanna snuggled up in the back of the buggy, but I didn't hear them speak a word to each other the entire time I was with them," Joshua added.

He's talking about Yovanna Ventura, Bieber's boardwalk date and the girl in that infamous selfie with Kylie Jenner at Floyd Mayweather's Vegas fight last weekend. We're pretty sure she's the chick he's dating right now, not Kylie.

So why didn't the talk to each other during the ride? Perhaps they didn't talk during the snuggling session because they didn't want Joshua squealing about their convo? Or maybe they were having their first official fight? Perhaps they were taking in the scene. One thing is for sure, Bieber obviously wasn't worried about the driver telling everyone how much of a d-bag he is.

"He continually yelled at me to slow down and he demanded that his bodyguard run to keep up with us since he couldn't fit in the buggy, too...As we rode down the boardwalk, fans recognized Justin and I could hear them shouting out his name, but he didn't even acknowledge them!"

Oh, and the best part about this whole thing? Joshua said Justin agreed to take a photo in the buggy, but got up and left right after it was taken.

"The picture you just took is good enough for your payment!" Justin told the driver as he left without paying a penny for the service.

Should we expect anything else from Justin anymore these days? We're talking about a dude who pissed in a restaurant mop bucket...

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