Snooki's Super Awkward Baby Gender Reveal

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Nowadays, baby gender reveals are often done during the baby shower when a cake is cut and the inside of the cake is either pink or blue. Everybody screams and cheers (even if it wasn't what they wanted because that's the polite thing to do) and it's a whole big thing.

When you're famous, you have a few different options available to you, like doing a baby gender reveal on a magazine cover or tweeting it to your millions of followers or doing a YouTube video like Snooki did.

"Jionni knows what we're having, and he put balloons in a bin for us," she said, as she held her son Lorenzo in her arms. "So we're going to find out what we're having right now, and we're so excited."

They open it up and...well, we won't spoil the fun...but we will reveal that the whole thing was extremely anti-climactic. It all felt really forced (maybe this was the second or third take?) and it was almost painful watching Snooki try to get little Lorenzo to show any sort of reaction.

Anyway, watch the clip above and if you can stand sitting through all the awkwardness, you'll find out the sex of Snooki's baby. If you aren't feeling particularly patient, just look at the main video image and it kinda gives it away.
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