This 'Family Feud' Fail Is Almost Too Painful to Watch

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We watch a lot of Family Feud and have seen plenty of families choke under the pressure of the final round -– but this Family Feud fail may go down as being one of the worst in game show history.

Like, they were so close, then not close at all. It's a little heartbreaking, honestly.

Plenty of families have gotten to the end and completely botched the answers, but when the first family member gets you within 18 points of winning $20,000 and then you come up with zeros? Oh, the pain.

To be fair, some of these questions seemed a little hard to come up with alternate answers after she matched some of the same as her teammate who went before her ("Name something a person's belly does"...Seriously?) But still. Zero. For every. Single. Answer.

That stings, man.

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