Expert Shoots Down Demi Lovato Ghost Face Pic: Find Out Why!

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The other day, we showed you a pic of Demi Lovato at a concert with what looked like a ghost face, glowing eyes and all, beside her. And it was creepy. No denying it. But is it legit? got to the bottom of it by checking in with a paranormal expert, and the findings are pretty interesting. Timothy Davis, director of the Center for Paranormal Investigation Association, told MTV, "My opinion is that it is very a compelling photo, but without a better quality photo or more evidence, it doesn't appear to be supernatural to me."

He added, "I am leaning toward thinking that the face could be caused by the 'perfect' combination of a few random factors." Those factors include the probability it was taken with a camera phone where sensors "try to make patterns in dark areas to reduce the amount of information space needed when saving the photo to memory," which, according to the expert, "can lead to weird blotches appearing on solid colored areas, or where there is a dark area."

He also brought up "lens flare/back-scatter" or a "reflection of the original image bouncing off of the back of the camera lens and hitting the sensor again." He points to her shiny jacket as the possible cause of that reflection of dots.

Do you think there's a ghost haunting Demi's tour?

Demi Lovato ghost face photo

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