Attention Pop Stars Everywhere: Lady Gaga Owns Everything She Has Ever Done

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Apparently, Lady Gaga thinks she is the rightful owner of all things weird. The "Applause" singer is currently on tour and fellow pop star Katy Perry is also on clearly Katy is already totally copying her because Gaga's tour started first.

What's more, Gaga seemed to throw some (not so) subtle shade at the "Roar" singer on Twitter. "It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now," she wrote. Hmm...who has green hair and was recently spotted riding a mechanical horse?

Katy Perry Performs At The Odyssey Arena, BelfastKaty Perry Performs At The Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Honestly, Gaga can't think that just because she's worn a wig before, she totally owns that look. In that case, nobody is allowed to have brown, blonde, green, yellow, purple or really any other color hair.

So far, Katy hasn't responded to the alleged ripoff, but in case she needs some ammo for her arsenal, we can help her out. She just got a new dog and took it on tour and then...oh, would you look at that? Gaga went and got herself a dog...and took it on tour.

If they want to copy each other, we don't really care, just as long as we don't have to see another meat dress or see Katy getting puked on during a performance. Once was one times too many for those "art" displays.

Side note: Lady Gaga has been slammed on Twitter by another artist for allegedly copying her ideas, so the mere fact that she's using Twitter to slam Katy for copying HER is a ripoff in and of itself. Just sayin'.
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