Lady Gaga Makes Her Dog Dance...and She Looks Terrified

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We love that Lady Gaga loves her dog and everything, but someone needs to tell her that their little bodies are not made to twerk.

Mother Monster brought her brand new puppy Asia on tour with her and while she has snapped some cute photos, she is clearly very new to the whole idea of dog ownership.

We feel like someone needs to give her the "if you're gonna get a dog..." lecture, which would involve a strict lesson on the fact that dogs are not toys.

In the first video (above), Gaga is holding the dog up like it's a baby and even tosses it in the air. While she looks slightly annoyed, she's like "whatever, I'm rich and I'm Lady Gaga's dog, so I'll let this one slide."

Then, in the second video (below), Gaga is literally tossing little Asia around like she's a doll and the poor thing looks terrified. "Asia Makes it Rain II (I love my dog so much it's literally an illness)," she captioned the video. Yeah, well we love dogs, too and we can't imagine any dog would ever enjoy that experience.

"You should not treat your dog like that Gaga Animals are Not Toys They are little babies ): I agree whit You on everything but not whit this #TreatBatPigRight," one fan wrote. "Stop shaking ur girl pls," another chimed in. One person even threatened to call the authorities on her.

What do you guys think? Would you ever do that with your dog?

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