Lily Allen Hospitalized, Shares Photo From Hospital Bed to Prove It

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Forget #aftersex selfies, it seems that hospital selfies are the hot new thing. Although for those people on Sex Sent Me to the ER, they could totally do both.

Anyway, Miley Cyrus created a lot of buzz when she had to be hospitalized during her Bangerz tour. The social media over-sharer continued to update her fans with hospital bed selfies until the time she was released. Then, everything went back to status quo and she posted a ton of twerking videos to make up for lost time.

Now, Lily Allen is in the hospital and she's following suit with the hospital bed selfie. "#SHEEzUS in #SHOSPITAL . I'm fine though guys, just need some fluids cause i can't keep anything down.#dramz," she captioned the pic.

In Lily's case, it sounds like she posted the selfie to prove that she really was sick because she also shared this meme mocking the rumors people had started spreading.

Apparently, the whole situation came about due to a nasty case of food poisoning that had her projectile vomiting.

So...that's gross. That being the case, we have to say she looks pretty good cause we've all had food poisoning and it takes about three days before we're anywhere near selfie-snapping condition. Get well soon, girl!
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