If This Video Doesn't Make You Smile, You're in a REALLY Bad Mood

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If there are two things we definitely don't get sick of in this world, they are Pharrell's "Happy" and dogs. The brilliant makers of this video combined both and the result is something we're definitely going to save and watch the next time we're having a bad day.

In fact, we're sure Pharrell himself would even take his (huge) hat off to the makers of this video.

If you're in a bad mood and don't feel like listening to the whole "Happy" song over again, there are a couple of highlights that we think are worth hitting:

00:39-00:51 - This is 12 seconds of hilarious dog selfies. They get the up-close nose shots, they get the fishbowl effect. They get all different kinds of dogs with all different kinds of noses and we love them for that.

00:58-1:00 - A cat randomly appears amidst a sea of dogs and he does the "yeah" part in the song, which he does again at 1:03, so it's probably worth just holding on for the five seconds and getting both in one shot.

1:28-1:30 - The behind-the-scenes view of the dog burying his stick, during which he proceeds to completely cover the camera with sand.

1:40-1:50 and 2:00-2:05 - The paws underwater. We're not sure what exactly, but something about this is really funny.

2:27-2:29 - The awesome editing that totally makes the dog look like he's dancing.

The coolest part of the whole thing is that this video really embodies what the song is about. It's so neat to see all of those dogs getting along so well and the way they welcome the cat into the pack cause he just wants to be happy, too.
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