Proof They're Dating? Justin Bieber's Sweet Gift to Yovanna Ventura

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Kylie Jenner, who? We're pretty sure Justin Bieber has something going on with her friend Yovanna Ventura. As if that weird Venice Beach date wasn't enough proof, there's talk he's already gifting her lavish presents.

According to, the Biebs has been hanging out in a suite in Los Angeles and Yovanna has stopped by several times to visit. He has made sure to show off and has reportedly given her swaggy gifts.

"Justin's been staying in a suite with some of his buddies and Yovanna who kind of comes and goes," an eyewitness at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills told the site. "But he has made a point to lavish her with affection. When she was visiting a couple of days ago, Justin had 12 pink and white roses delivered to the room for her. It was some sort of surprise. He gave the delivery guy $100 bill as a tip. And apparently he's been in a super good mood and really friendly."

Well, new girlfriend or not, at least he is paying people now. He reportedly refused to pay for a lengthy rickshaw ride in Venice Beach earlier this week. He was with Yovanna during that time too. Not sure about you, but that would've turned us off...!

In case you're out of the loop, Yovanna is supposedly the Jenner sisters' 18-year-old hot, model friend. She was the other girl in that infamous Bieber and Kylie Floyd Mayweather Las Vegas, boxing match picture. She looks A LOT like the Biebs' ex Selena Gomez. Coincidence?

Do you think Yovanna is Justin's next serious girlfriend? Is she just a rebound? Chime in.

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