Refrigerated Doritos Confuse Target Customers

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We've all heard the rumors about some of our favorite foods containing weird preservatives and all kinds of other stuff that we'd rather not know about, but what the heck is in Doritos that requires them to be refrigerated?

Not that we actually care, because it would take A LOT to deter us from eating the deliciously cheesy chips. It's kind of like Chicken McNuggets. Everyone is so eager to tell you what they think is "really" in them and we run away plugging our ears like we're five, going "la la la I don't hear you" cause why you gotta ruin a good thing, man?

Fortunately, when it comes to Doritos, we can all breathe a sigh of relief (just don't do it too close to someone cause that cheese breath is no joke). When enough Twitter users noticed that Target stores were refrigerating them and posting pics on the social media site, the store finally addressed the issue.

A rep for the store tells Buzzfeed that the chips are being put there because it's part of a promotion for the "walking taco." What's a walking taco, you ask? Apparently, you just dump a bunch of cheesy, meaty ingredients into the bag and go for it. We can totally get on board with that.

It's actually kind of like a Frito pie, which is also delicious. Except the stomach ache you get afterwards, depending on what you threw in there. That part is not amazing. But it's worth it.
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