This Is Not What It Looks Like: Find Out the Real Reason This Guy Is Giving Out Roses

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**Skip to 00:27 for the good stuff**

OK, this video wants to go buy a whole bunch of roses and hug everyone we see. In an attempt to make people smile, this guy tried to hand out roses to people and just let them know that they are beautiful, appreciated, etc.

Surprisingly, a lot of people didn't want to take them. After the first few blew him off, we started to get kinda mad, like 'what the heck is wrong with you people?!'

Then, we started to think of what we would do if some stranger walked up to us with a rose and tried to give it to us. We'd probably think it was a cheesy attempt to pick us up. Well, don't flatter yourself ladies, this guy really just wants to make you smile and he doesn't want anything from you. Seriously.

Eventually, the guy has a few successes and our faith in humankind is officially restored. Thank you, random guy, for not only making these people's day, but for making ours, too. Now, off to the flower shop...

(h/t Sharedots)
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