We Could Watch This Dog NOT Catch Stuff All Day Long

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Sabai totally sucks at catching stuff and we love him for it. Fortunately, his owner has a good sense of humor and shared these amazing moments with us.

In this first attempt, we were totally "Team Sabai" because we thought it was just too dark and the toy kind of blended in with the background and it probably would have smacked us in the face, too.

"How our dog plays catch," he captioned this video:

Like us, you probably want to give Sabai the benefit of the doubt, right? Yeah, well we were totally on board with that until we saw these SIX frisbee fails.

Come on, Sabai! Open your dang mouth, man! Turns out, this pup might just be a little high maintenance. Not only is he too cool to catch stuff, he also has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to inclement weather (we're actually with you on that one, buddy).

And he's clearly very into his image, so he can't be bothered with such petty things as fetching plastic frisbees. Here he is in his Harry Potter-inspired ensemble.

But at the end of the day, Sabai knows that it's a scary world out there and that a dog's job is to protect, so he's prepared to do battle with any canine he comes across...on the TV screen.

And because dodging frisbees, fighting canine crime and braving the elements (or not braving them as the case may be) is a pretty tough gig, this dog makes sure he's always keeping a perfect work/life balance.

Keep up the good work, Sabai...and to his owner, if you're reading this, please keep the videos coming!

(h/t Buzzfeed)

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