California Highway Patrol Rescued a Chihuahua from a Busy Highway

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This little pup had one lucky day.

After a Chihuahua somehow found its way onto a median on a highway in Walnut Creek, Calif. Friday, California Highway Patrol officers spotted the dog and rescued him. "This little dog needed some help off I-680 freeway today. We're glad he's safe. #CHP #Safe #Dog #DogTreats," the Contra Costa CHP posted on its Twitter page with a shot of the tiny guy sitting in the middle of I-680 during rush hour.

CHP Officer Alex Edmon told NBC Los Angeles that officers got a call that a Chihuahua was running in the lanes of the highway, while another call said the dog was sitting on the median. "We attempted to coax it, we could tell it was very frightened, it was shaking," Alex said. "We were able to pet it a little bit, but other than that we could tell it was not happy."

After getting the pup down, the officers took the dog to Contra Costa Animal Services, in Martinez, Calif.
The dog is estimated to be around two years old, and didn't have any tags that identified its owner. Luckily, he didn't have any injuries either.

It's still not clear how he got on the highway in the first place.
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