This Cat Would Be the Worst Criminal Ever

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We have all been this cat. We are doing something we KNOW we're not supposed to, but we're 90% sure we can get away with it, so off we go.

With this cat, he's obviously not supposed to go digging through the office drawer. That being the case, there is nothing more he has ever wanted more in his life than to get inside that office drawer.

In the cat's defense, it looks like there were cat treats in the drawer, so thing whole thing was basically one big sting operation.

How do we know what was in the drawer? The cat's not stupid...when he thought nobody was looking, he went for it in a big way. And he really committed to it. He got his paws in there, he even got his teeth involved when he needed a little extra assistance.

Of course, a cat digging through a drawer isn't viral video-worthy in and of itself. What happens when this cat realizes he was caught digging through said drawer, however, definitely is.

(h/t Reshareworthy)
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