When Art Imitates Art: Is Katy Perry Copying Lady Gaga?

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Earlier this week, Lady Gaga was less than thrilled when she thought that Katy Perry was stealing her ideas. First, the "Roar" singer dyed her hair green and then she utilized a mechanical horse during her Prismatic tour and Gaga was so annoyed, she took to Twitter to vent.

"It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now," she tweeted after a Q&A with fans. At first, we were like 'she can't really think just because she's done something ever in her life that nobody can do that again...'

We did, however, draw the proverbial line and...Katy just crossed it. We made it very clear that if Katy wore a meat dress (she didn't, yet) OR if she went the "vomit art" route, we would give Gaga's argument a second look because as much as we hated it - and we REALLY hated it - Gaga just did the vomit art thing at SXSW. Then, this happened:

While Katy isn't getting vomited ON, the idea is the same. Vomiting is not art, guys. When people throw up, they're either sick or they've made themselves throw up and neither one should be glamorized.

After Gaga's performance, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to share her thoughts, which echoed what so many of us were thinking. "Sad...As if we didn't have enough people glamorizing eat disorders already. :-( Bottom line, it's not 'cool' or 'artsy' at all," she wrote, adding, "Putting the word ART in it isn't a free card to do whatever you want without consequences."

So far, she hasn't addressed Katy's "performance," but since the concept is basically the same, we can only guess that she's probably unimpressed that one one, too, which brings us back to our main point. Do you guys think Katy is copying Gaga? Is this third instance too much to just be coincidence?
Lady Gaga Throws Major Shade at Katy Perry for Copying Her
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