Which Social Networking Site Are You?

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Let's face it, we are all addicted to social media in one form or another. Maybe you're the kind of person who can't go a couple of minutes without tweeting. Or you might be more the type who can't stop snapping selfies (hi, <strong>Kim Kardashian</strong>!) but we all love our social media and we're pretty passionate about which site is our favorite. So, are you an Instagram, a Twitter, a Facebook or something else? Take the quiz to find out which social media site fits your personality best.&nbsp;

When you go somewhere:

You snap at least 10 photos
You bring a bunch of friends with you
You look at the RSVP list on the evite to see who’s coming
You just show up and then try to find your friends
You snap a quick pic so everyone knows you were there
It’s usually work-related

If they made a movie about your life, who would star in it?

Justin Timberlake
Paris Hilton
Ryan Seacrest
Kylie Jenner
Katy Perry
Kim Kardashian

Which photo would you be most likely to favorite, like, re-post, etc.?

Which of these annoys you the most?

Photos of people's babies
"Look how cute we are” couple photos
When someone goes to lunch and doesn't post a food pic
People who don’t work hard
When people have no artistic vision
Being alone

If your friends had to sum you up in one word, they’d say you’re _________.

A workaholic

You like your coffee…

Don't care, as long as it looks cool
Pretty plain, no frills
With a double shot of espresso
Iced and blended with some whipped cream on the top
It varies, depending on your mood.
Who cares? Coffee shops are about the people, not the coffee

You think selfies are:

OK every once in awhile
Incredibly annoying
An essential daily activity
Totally unprofessional
Depends on if they have artistic merit
Lonely. You only take pics with your pals
Loading Your Personality
Which Social Networking Site Are You?

You are Meetup. You don't understand why everyone is sitting at home in their rooms "liking" and retweeting things that their "friends" are posting when you can actually be out spending time with real, live FRIENDS. 

You've been to every Meetup group there is, from "People Who Like Dogs" to "Flea Market Friends," you'll try anything once...and you might even meet some cool people along the way. 

While everyone is busy posting pics to pretend like they have this awesome and exciting life, you're actually out living an awesome and exciting life. 

Which Social Networking Site Are You?

You are Facebook. You love to "like" and share and comment and hey, you're even willing to throw down if someone gets political and you disagree with them. 

A picture of an old man crossing the street after he thought he'd never be able to cross another street again is the kind of thing that defines your day. Bonus points if there is a thought-provoking quote to go along with it. 

Which Social Networking Site Are You?

#Loveit #IknewIwouldBeInstagram Yeah, you're definitely in the IG group. You love snapping selfies and you click the hell out of that little heart under every photo. You definitely don't mind getting hit with a hundred hashtags in one photo caption IF the pic is worth it. 

Also, you tend to get a little anxious if you don't know what your BFF ate for lunch and/or how it looked on their plate. 

Which Social Networking Site Are You?

You put the WORK in social network.

The only photos of your mug that are flying around cyberspace are either from a convention you spoke at or are part of your professional headshot collection. 

When you see someone snapping a duckface selfie, your first thought is "I would never hire that person." 

You are also very selective about who you "connect" with. You are not going to add that slacker who is notorious for cruising Facebook in their cubicle. It's all business, all the time for you. 

Which Social Networking Site Are You?

You are Tumblr. You tend to get a little obsessive when you like something, whether that's trees that look like people, high fashion, or even just the way giraffes' jaws spin in a circle when they eat - you're super into your stuff and you want to post 1,000 pics to prove it.

You don't have time to be hash-taggin' and writing long photo descriptions because you're busy finding cool stuff. Sorry. Not sorry. 

You are also the go-to person for the funniest memes and most amazing gifs because while everyone else is busy snapping selfies, you were hunting down and rebloggin' the best stuff on the web. 

Which Social Networking Site Are You?

You are Twitter. You were snappin' selfies before anyone had ever even heard of Instagram. 

When you're watching your fave TV show, the news, etc. you love logging on to see what other people are saying about it and in the event that you do decide to retweet someone, they should be honored because you won't just RT any old armchair philosopher. 

And, if you hear one more person say "so what do you Twit on that Twitter thing?" you will unleash your fury on them - in 140 characters or less. 

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