Drew Barrymore Won't Let Her Kids Act Until They're 18

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Drew Barrymore may have been a child star, but she doesn't want her own kids to go the same route.

The actress, who got her big break at the age of 7 in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, said she wants to protect Olive, 8 months, and Frankie, 1, from growing up too fast. "I will never let my children act," she told You Magazine. "When they're 18, if they want to, but not before."

Drew doesn't want to completely shelter her kids, saying "that's not normal," but she did add she doesn't want them to have cell phones "until a certain age" and also doesn't like the idea of young girls growing up with social media. "I know how sensitive they are. But there's no going back," she continued.

Nevertheless, Drew had nothing but good things to say about her experience on her first major film. "'E.T.' was the best thing that ever happened to me because it changed the course of my life," she continued. "I didn't have family and home and structure, so the world of film gave me that framework. But it's different for my children. They are going to have everything they need."

''I can't wait to show them 'E.T.' and the 'Charlie's Angels' movies, so they can see girls having fun with each other and being capable, not competitive," she added.

To say Drew's own childhood was wild is an understatement. After completing E.T., she fell so deep into drugs and alcohol that she underwent extensive drug rehab treatment twice by the time she was 13. So, maybe she has a point.
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