Newly-Drafted NFL Player Fulfills Childhood Promise to His Mom

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When Teddy Bridgewater was nine years old, he made a promise to his mom. "My mom and I were riding home from little league football practice," he explains. "I just saw an Escalade riding by and I told her 'mom when I make it to the NFL, I'm gonna buy you a Pink Escalade truck.'"

Of course, his mom probably just thought it was cute and moved on. But Teddy didn't. He really meant what he said and when he was drafted to the NFL this year, guess what he went and did?

Yep, the newly-drafted Minnesota Vikings player surprised his mom with a bright pink Escalade. "When It's All Said And Done, That Promise I Made To You When I Was A Younger Boy Has Finally Been Fulfilled..!!" he captioned this sweet shot of her standing in front of her brand new ride.

While Teddy is obviously a lot older than when he made that promise, he decided to stick with the unusual car color that his childhood mind envisioned for his mom, but for a much more important reason.

Between the time Teddy made that promise and now, his mom was diagnosed and has beaten breast cancer. "Pink For #BreastCancerAwareness #Promise2Rose" he captioned this pic.

This story keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. We hope Teddy's mom is proud as she drives around in that car, not only because of what the color has come to symbolize, but because she raised a pretty awesome son.

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