People Can't Get Enough of This Rabbit Eating Raspberries

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This rabbit really loves raspberries...and apparently people really love watching her eat them. The video was posted less than a week ago and it already has over 7 million views on YouTube.

Obviously, it's not just the fact that the rabbit (her name is Luna, btw) is eating raspberries that's so cute. It's the fact that the color stains her adorable little lips and it looks like she's wearing lipstick.

We have to admit, it is kind of funny, but 7 million views kind of funny?! We could see if she did something cool while she was eating the raspberries...or if they had a giraffe eating raspberries. Have you ever seen how a giraffe chews? Their whole mouth goes in a circle and it's totally hilarious to watch.

Seriously, give this guy some raspberries. Then you'd really be on to something...

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