The Photos Kylie Jenner DID Want You to See

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Call it a case of sibling rivalry...or maybe it's just a case of kids totally over-sharing on social media. Last week, a photo surfaced of 13-year-old Willow Smith laying in bed with a 20-year-old shirtless actor and understandably, an uproar ensued.

While there was nothing overtly sexual about the photo, people were quick to draw conclusions about what the pic really represented and what may or may not have happened before or after it was taken.

Turns out, Willow wasn't the only Smith posing for controversial photos. On the same Tumblr page that brought you Willow's photo (run by Moises Arias, aka "the shirtless guy") we now have this suggestive photo of Willow's brother, Jaden Smith, 15, and rumored girlfriend Kylie Jenner, 16, along with Kylie's um...interesting pants.

Moises' Tumblr page is now protected, so you would think he was trying to protect Kylie and Jaden from the inevitable fallout from the photo. Right? Well, he may be, but Kylie actually reblogged that pic, along with another one from his site on her own Tumblr page.

We very much doubt Jaden's mom will be upset about the whole situation, since she already spoke out in defense of Willow's controversial photo. Still, we can't help but wonder what Bruce Jenner is thinking right now.

Kylie Jenner And Jaden Smith Enjoy Some PDA
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