17 Things That Only People From Los Angeles Could Ever Understand

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If you're reading this, you've either lived in Los Angeles or you still do. So, first of all, a big congratulations to all of us for surviving Carmageddon because nobody realizes what a big deal it actually was - unless, of course, you're from here.

Carmageddon is just one of many things that non-Angelinos just can't understand. Like the term Angelinos, for example. If you're wondering what it has to do with Angelina Jolie, this article is not for you. If you're still not lost, you may proceed. 

1. All that your waiter/waitress is actually WAITING for is their big break into "the biz" and they're more than happy to tell you about every audition they've ever been on

2. You know to duck under the nearest table at the first sign of shaking because it could be "the big one"

3. Your friends/relatives from out of town are constantly asking you if you see celebrities "like every day"

4. On that note, you know that "where the Kardashians live" is actually called Calabasas and you avoid it at all costs because you might actually SEE the Kardashians

5. At some point, you will have one of these in your backyard. They're kinda cute - unless you have a dog or a cat, then they are enemy No. 1

6. You have learned (the hard way) how to figure out these complicated parking puzzles

7. And if you do happen to find free parking, you instantly turn into a driving ninja that can squeeze into ANY space

8. You see this on the news whenever there is a CHANCE it might drizzle

9. And then it doesn't and you start to feel super guilty for taking that extra long shower this morning

10. The 101 to the 405 (or vice versa) will get you pretty much anywhere you need to go

11. You understand that 5 miles = 45 minutes

12. You have sat through multiple light cycles and cursed the person who came up with the yield on green concept

13. You know that this means it's time to bust out the scarf and Uggs

14. Your spot has been stolen by a food truck and you hate them...until lunch time. How can something so delicious be made on a TRUCK?

15. When walking around with someone from out of town, you often employ the phrase "they'll wait," because you have the right of way, damnit

16. You've often looked at graffiti art and thought 'wow, that's actually pretty good'

17. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting in a drive-thru line for an hour (or more) if there is a 3x3 and animal-style fries waiting for you on the other end


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