This Killer Clown Prank Will Scare the Crap Out of You

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We would die.

Imagine this: You're walking into a parking lot at night, minding your own business, when out steps the creepiest looking clown you've ever seen in your life swinging a huge hammer. To make things worse, there is someone lying on the ground near him and he proceeds to bash in the person's skull.

Our first instinct would be to run. Literally. As soon as we saw a piece of that face peek around the corner. For some reason though, the people in this video wanted to stop and ask "What are you doing?"

Here's what he's doing: killing people and terrorizing the town. Just go.

Luckily, this was all a prank, put on by DMPranksProductions (whew) who went through a lot to make it happen. According to the company, they used more than 30 liters of fake blood, spent more than 20 hours waiting for victims and they did about one scene every two days.

And it paid off. This is probably the creepiest prank we've seen in a while...and it's not even close to Halloween.
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