Which Celebrity Does Ed Sheeran Want Taylor Swift to Date? Selena Gomez Probably Wouldn't Approve

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Would you let your friend pick your next boo? Ed Sheeran has someone in mind for his BFF Taylor Swift.

If it was up to Ed, you might be surprised by who he would pick as Tay's next famous boyfriend. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the ginger singer quickly responded when asked who he wishes Taylor would date.

"Orlando Bloom," he answered. Uh oh, don't tell Taylor's good friend Selena Gomez he said that. There's talk that she and Orlando have something going on especially now that they're both single.

Ed also opened up about his current girlfriend in the interview calling her "nice" and "really cool." He wouldn't reveal who she is, though. And if you think he sings to her, you're wrong. He doesn't "because that's really creepy and weird." He continued, "Like legitimately, if someone sat you down like, 'hey baby, I'll come play some' you'd be a bit awkward about it, right?"

Uh, right. Just another reason why we love him. And Orlando with Taylor? We'll take it. What do you think?

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