Ed Sheeran Disses One Direction's Management Team

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Does One Direction's record label leak the guys' location to fans on purpose? That's what their buddy Ed Sheeran thinks.

In his new interview with The Sun, the British singer points his finger at 1D's managing team when it comes to those crazy, dangerous fan encounters that happen outside their hotel rooms.

"If you notice, whenever these big artists go into towns and there are thousands of kids outside the hotel, especially South America, it's all the label leaking where they are. They [the label] leak their flight and hotel details all to create a media frenzy," Ed explained.

He added, "They got some great photos, but I don't think it's fair on the kids or the artists, because the kids don't get to meet the bands and the artists get very claustrophobic."

For those who are out of the loop, the singers were reportedly forced to find another hotel after hundreds of fans swarmed the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas in Peru.

"There were hundreds of screaming girls outside the hotel. Police were struggling to keep them back and keep them off the road. The fans with their posters nearly filled the entire square," an insider explained to The Sun.

Do you think their label would really put the guys out there like that? Ed is good friends with the band, so maybe he got this idea from them?

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