Farrah Abraham Shares Tribute to Sophia's Father

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Farrah Abraham continues to prove that she is completely lacking any type of filter whatsoever. As if her latest antics aren't enough, she is kind of known for putting her foot in her mouth in a big way.

This latest one comes to us courtesy of her Twitter account, where she decided to over-share memories with her daughter's deceased father, Derek Underwood, who lost his life in a tragic car accident just two months before their daughter Sophia was born.

In remembrance of his birthday, she posted this picture, along with a TMI caption.
"Isn't that the same guy you talked sooo much s**t about?" one fan responded. Yeah, it is, actually. During Farrah's 16 and Pregnant episode, we saw her cut off all contact with him and say that she wasn't even going to tell him she was pregnant.

So, it's understandable that fans are curious as to why she's suddenly making it sound like everything was so great and that he was her "one true love."

Obviously, the whole situation is horrible and if Farrah really is feeling stuff, we do feel bad for her, but the book Teen Mom Confidential reveals a very different side of the story.

Regarding one scene on the show where the reality star recounts what happened, the book explains:

Tissue in hand, [Farrah] recounted the heartbreaking story of how her only true love died two years earlier in a horrific car wreck. Then . . "Ok, we're good!" a voice boomed from the background. "Awesome," Farrah responded, flashing a smile. "Let's go shopping!"

What do you guys think of Farrah's tribute tweet? Do you believe her emotions are genuine?
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