Harry Styles' Dad Posts Throwback Baby Harry Pic and It's Beyond Cute

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Harry Styles' dad shared a recent throwback pic of young Hazza and we can't get the baby photo out of our brains. Perfect timing for a Throwback Thursday mention, anyhow.

We've seen Harry's baby pics before, but can never seem to get over those cheeks. Who would have thought that sweet-cheeked boy would become a boyband hottie?

And the blonde hair? Stop. Cute overload.

Harry's dad Des tweeted: "Just found this photo of H doing some domestic work at Nanny S's in 1997. Aahhh? X"


Later he added: "Seems you liked the photo of H. To answer, yes he was blond -- it usual was curly, ringlets and all! No idea why straighter that day? X"

Keep the pics coming, Des!

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