Kendall Jenner Shows Off Some Serious Side Boob

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In today's "things we didn't need to see" news, we bring you Kendall Jenner's side boob. The reality star, who is currently in France attending the Cannes Film Festival, shared this strange pic of herself lying on a couch with the caption "a little side boob never hurt nobody."

After we stared at that (and her ribs...yikes!) for a few minutes, we spent a little time wondering if it was technically side boob or under boob and then came to the conclusion that there needs to be term for the half-and-half boob flash. Please get on that, Internet. Thanks.

Anyway, eventually we stopped staring at her chest and realized there was actually a full-on party going on behind her. Who just sprawls out on the couch in the middle of such a formal affair?

Kendall, apparently. Of course, the bigger question is who took that photo? Kendall is holding her precious picture-taker (aka her phone), so someone obviously snapped the not-so-candid photo of her.

Oh, and in case your'e still on team "the Kardashians do NOT Photoshop their photos," please let us know what you see on Kendall's phone screen, cause on our end, it looks a little bit 'shopped.

And her side/under boob is a totally different color than her body, but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt on that one cause it could just be the lighting. What do you guys think?
Kendall Jenner Takes Over Cannes Film Festival
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