Miley Cyrus' Knee Totally Looks Like Seth Rogen (PIC)

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Looking for Seth Rogen? We found him...he's on Miley Cyrus' knee. No, really...

Just like those Jesus-on-my-grilled-cheese stories, the twerking singer just recently noticed that her knee looks almost exactly like the funny man actor. Confused? We'll explain.

Instagram user @f**kjerry posted a pic of Miley onstage at G-A-Y nightclub in London last weekend with a zoom-in on her knee. Weird, right? Right. But it just so happened her knee looked exactly like Seth in the pic. We don't know if it was the lighting, skin wrinkles, or what, but it's crazy cool.

Miley even posted the picture to her Twitter page and of course, Seth responded. "Apparently my knee is my #MCM @Sethrogen evil twin," she posted. ".@MileyCyrus you know why knees are the best body parts? They're joints! (I'm sorry. I had to)," he tweeted back.

Hilarious! Check out the knee picture above. Think it looks like Seth?

Miley Cyrus' Knee Looks Like Seth Rogen's Face

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