Jennifer Lawrence's Effort to Dance With Jennifer Lopez Was an Epic Fail

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This is just one more reason why we love Jennifer Lawrence.

While The Hunger Games star and Jimmy Fallon were at an event recently, the duo spotted Jennifer Lopez and decided to choreograph a routine on the spot to get her to dance with them.

Let's just say that plan didn't go so well...especially after several rounds of Jello shots.

"We came up with this idea together," the 23-year-old actress told Fallon on The Tonight Show. "We both saw J.Lo, and this was like 10 Jello shots in. And I've never done Jello shots-I didn't go to college. And we were dancing and we saw J.Lo and we were like, 'Well, we gotta get J. Lo to dance!' So I was like, 'Okay, what we'll do is we'll do a spin, and then we'll go, 'Dance with us!'"

After they worked out the moves, it was time to take action. "So, basically, I do it, he's gone and it's just me looking at J.Lo going, 'Dance!'" J.Law said. "And she was like 'I think I'm just gonna...observe.' You made me look like a freak in front of J.Lo! Do you know what that feels like?"

Jimmy said in the midst of his spin, he caught J.Lo's manager's eye and basically got shut down from going through with the plan. "Here's what happened, I know her manager. I'm turning around, I'm spinning around and he was like 'no.' And I turned the other way, and you [spinned] and I walked the other way and started dancing.

The duo then went on to have a dance party right in the middle of the show.

"Jennifer Lopez, if you're watching, we both did want to dance with you," Jimmy said. "Just dance with us," J. Law added. "Do some Jello shots."
Jennifer Lawrence's Awkward Encounter

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