You'll Never Believe What's Being Sold Out of This Vending Machine

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Germaphobes, rejoice! There is now a new way to get your salad fix without worrying who coughed in your croutons or sneezed in the Caesar at the salad bar.

Farmer's Fridge in Chicago has just introduced a brand new salad vending machine. And no, we're not talking about this kind of "salad" in a vending machine situation...

This is full-on, fresh salad, made fresh every morning with organic, locally-grown produce. The salads come in a recyclable plastic jar and can be customized with your choice of protein, veggies and dressing.

People definitely seem to be digging the salad vending machine, as it has a perfect, five-star rating on Yelp (since when are people Yelping about vending machines?) and the only complaint people seem to have is the price.

While a normal snag of item C-4 will usually cost you anywhere from 75 cents to $2.00, the Farmer's Fridge stuff averages about $8 and can go higher, depending on your add-ons.

Still, it's a pretty cool concept, although we have to think the pot vending machine people are probably kicking themselves right now because the salad peeps scored what would have been a prime piece of real estate for them. Location is everything.

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