Sneaky Beagle Rearranges Furniture to Steal Food

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This dog is determined and we commend him for not letting anything stand in the way of his dreams. After all, all the poor pup wants is his snack.

Not only is he committed, this dog would be super handy to have around the house. He can move stuff, he's agile and he's obviously really smart. Smarter than his owner - or so he thought.

"After noticing the chair being moved each time I return home from an outing, I decide to put on a 'spy camera' to find out who moved the chair," the owner captioned the video.

Busted! You know what, though? When you see how happy his little face is when he realizes that he can, in fact, move the chair, it's kinda hard not to be happy for him. Especially when he tries to jump up the first couple of times and he can't...quite...get there.

We aren't going to lie, we were totally going through the motion in our chairs hoping to virtually give him that little extra oomph he needed. Obviously, it worked, cause the beagle finally busted out a big enough jump to help him score his snack.

Congratulations, dog, on a well-deserved treat. But wait, how's he gonna open the bag?!
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