The 9 People You Find on Your Facebook Feed

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You know you've got 'em. Every time you ditch one, another takes over and starts clogging up your news feed. Here are the nine people we're all friends with on Facebook. 

1. The baby pic poster. Congratulations on procreating, but we don’t need a new pic every hour

2. The over-eager TBT/FBF person. We get it, you were cute

3. The hashtagger …no one hashtags on FB, man

4. The gusher. ‘Here’s me and my bf kissing, here’s us holding hands, here’s us hugging after we held hands, here’s us doing that little heart thing with our hands…’ Stop it. If you’re so in love, go be in love and leave us out of it!

5. The man-hater. Sometimes formerly known as “the gusher,” this girl has been burned and she’ll post every man-hating quote she can find

6. The philosopher. This person has life 100% figured out and they will share daily quotes to tell you just how deep they are

7. The spammer. They just started a business and they’re gonna promote the hell out of it. First, you’ll get that annoying email asking you to “like” their page. Then, they’ll hit your calendar section with all of their upcoming events and finally, it’s time to take over your news feed. Sales they’re having, recent accomplishments, photos of their storefront, you’ll be the first to know the second someone sneezes inside their store

8. The gym rat. Anything from mirrored selfies to photos their shoes on the stairmaster. It’s all fair game. If you’re really lucky, you’ll also get maps of every run they go on and how many calories they burned on each one

9. The warrior. This person isn’t afraid to throw down in the comments section if anyone says ANYTHING they disagree with. They’ll fight with you, they’ll fight with your friends. They're determined to convince you that they’re right and are clueless to the fact that they're going about it the wrong way. ‘Oh hey, you insulted me…I am now your pupil, teach me everything you know.’ -Said no one, ever


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