This Bullied Kid Finally Stood Up for Himself and It Was Perfect

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At one time or another, we've probably all been victims of bullies. Whether it was at school, at work or even online. None of us is immune to it and when it happens to you, it can completely crush your spirit.

In this video, Jake (who has autism) stands up to the bullies in his class and we just want to jump through our screen and hug him cause if there's anything tougher than getting bullied, it's standing up for yourself against them.

Jake collectively puts his entire class in their place when he opens up about he feels when nobody will talk to him or be his friend. And you wanna know what? Some jerks in the bunch have the nerve to mock him WHILE he's pouring his heart out and begging for their kindness.

"I just want you guys to see me for me and really try to be my friend," he pleads. "Because I want to try to be your friend, but you don't try to be mine...and that really makes me feel kinda bad...I see you guys laughing over there."

The whole thing was filmed as part of The BULLY Project and those people who were laughing at him just proved how critically important this project actually is.

Fortunately, Jake is doing great now. "Bullying has had a big impact on my life, but since the movie I've made a lot of friends," he tells UpWorthy. "Recently, I have joined my high school football team! At first I thought they would all be complete jerks, but actually they are pretty cool guys and have helped me through a lot of situations - they stand up for me!"

Go get 'em, buddy!

(h/t Huffington Post)
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