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Get it, girl! Ariana Grande took the stage at the Billboard Music Awards tonight and she brought a slew of shirtless dudes with her.

The Sam & Cat star performed her hit "Problem" with Iggy Azalea wearing a black and white colorblocked minidress and knee high checked boots.

Before her sexy show, the singer was busy trying to hide an unsightly insect bite. "Warming up & trying desperately to cover up what is the worst spider bite of all time on my leg before this show starts. #glaaamorous #bbmas," she Tweeted.

We were so busy admiring her dance moves and booty shaking ability that we didn't see notice insect bites, so we guess her makeup or wardrobe team did a good job hiding it. Does anyone else find it ironic that Ariana's hit is all about getting rid of a toxic ex (presumed to be Jai Brooks) but she's apparently back together with him?
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