This Poor Dad Gets Scared by His Son Every Time He Turns Around

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**Warning: Explicit Language**

Scaring people never gets old. But when the person you're scaring actually is getting old, you might want to kick it back a notch. You know, because they could have a heart attack and DIE.

Apparently, this kid doesn't care because he loves scaring his dad and we're not gonna lie, we love watching him do it.

He greets his dad with a different scare word every time (one was "Lizzie McGuire," which would probably shake up even the most hardcore nerves of steel), but no matter which tactic is used, the end result is always a jump and a "f**k" out of pops.

Something tells us that as soon as this kid is old enough for college, good ol' dad would probably be more than happy to foot the bill if it means getting him the hell out of the house.

(h/t Elite Daily)
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