What Really Went Down Between Jay-Z and Solange in That Elevator? SNL Has the Audio

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People, it was a spider.

They put out a statement sharing the blame for their elevator scuffle, but now Jay-Z and Solange have shared the audio from that fateful night. Who knew Jay-Z suffers from Arachnophobia? Solange, that's who. She was just trying to help a bro-in-law out.

Jay-Z could have used some Amazing Spider-Man skills that night to get away from that pesky Solange, we mean spider.

Queen Bey, of course, is not afraid of an itsy bitsy spider. She just stood there, like a statue, setting an example for the rest of us mere mortal scaredy cats.

(How did a spider even get into a fancy event like the Met Gala anyway? Check out the pics below.)

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