Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Were Considering Getting Back Together?

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Oh, so this is why Miley Cyrus went on that crazy rant about Liam Hemsworth a few weeks ago? They were just recently "talking" again and he blew her off?

Miley's hospitalization last month worried Liam and he reportedly contacted her during the whole ordeal. According to new reports, talking again kind of re-sparked things between the former lovebirds, and they supposedly considered going at it again. But, that's when Liam decided to pull the d-bag card...and blow her off.

"They were talking when she was back in LA, he visited her when she was sick...[Miley] must have got her hopes up, because she was trying to make plans to come back to LA and see him and he shut her down. He felt bad but he's not into it. He wants to move on and she got angry," an insider told

"Miley's temper tantrum in London happened because Liam disappointed her again," the source added.

In case you didn't see her f-bomb rant, Miley told Liam off right before singing "Wrecking Ball" at a nightclub gig in the U.K. It was awesome.

We were wondering what set her off that night. All of this almost-getting-back-together-again talk kind of makes sense now...

Do you think Liam and Miley were really talking again? Should they ever get back together?

Miley Cyrus Clarifies G-A-Y Rant to Ex

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