One Direction Fans Devastated After Being Scammed With Fake Concert Tickets

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One Direction fans and their parents were understandably left pissed off after finding out they bought 1D concert tickets from a fake website. This totally sucks.

A website claiming to sell discounted tickets to 1D's upcoming Where We Are tour dates up and folded, leaving those who thought they were going to a One Direction concert empty handed. And with their wallet a little lighter too. Scumbags.

Smart Cloud Tickets left 1D fans devastated, with Charlene Dowie writing online: "Seriously if you are gonna make money from a concert why make it a concert that's going to distress children."

Sasha Grant told the Daily Star, "It is disgusting. They have taken people's money and crushed my daughter's dreams."

We're so sad for these fans. This is super disappointing, but a good reminder that you should only buy tickets from official, reputable websites.

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