'Full House's Candace Cameron Bure Dishes on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Body Image and Mary-Kate Olsen's Engagement

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You may know Candace Cameron Bure from her days as D.J. Tanner on the hit show Full House or most recently, from Dancing With the Stars. Fresh off her third place victory despite her partner Mark Ballas' injury during the finale, the mother of three and author of Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose sat down with us in NYC to discuss her Dancing stint, what she really thinks of Miley Cyrus and how she beat a battle with bulimia. Listen in and get inspired!

Cambio: What was your proudest moment on the show?
Candace Cameron Bure: When I did the tango. That was my favorite dance and I just enjoyed it from head to toe. That was the first week after I had gone to a therapy session because I was getting so nervous about dancing. It was the first dance I had where I just actually felt comfortable and enjoyed it. I can watch that dance and say, 'Wow, I did such a great job' and I felt beautiful.

C: Speaking of beauty, you've been candid about your former battles with your weight, body image and bulimia. What advice do you have for teens struggling with similar issues?
CCB: You're not alone; that's the first thing to know. Every girl struggles, especially when you're a teenager and your body is still changing and you're figuring out who you are. There can be a girl next to you that you look at and think is the most confident, beautiful girl ever and trust me when I tell you that she has the same insecurities that you do. It's totally normal. We all learn it at different rates but you have to accept you were specially created just to be you, and there's nobody else like you, so embrace it. You're unique and that's amazing! No one else gets to be you, so be the best you can be.

C: You wrote an article about Miley's raunchy MTV VMA performance and the influence she has on teens. As a mother of three kids, do you let them listen to her music and watch her videos?
CCB: I enjoy several of Miley's songs so when they're on the radio, I'm not purposely turning her off because I don't like some of the things she represents. So the songs we enjoy, we play, but my kids are 15, 14 and 12. I hope I've taught them enough that they have discernment on their own, and I have to let them make their own decisions. They know what are good things to be watching and listening to, but at the same time, we have all to figure out our own decisions. But of course, if I see really bad choices...I'm a mom; I'm going to come step in.

C: What was the best part about being on Full House?
CCB: Really, it's the friendships we made. We're all still great buddies and we hang out all the time and we all love each other, so that was the best part for me.

C: Your costar Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged. Any advice for her from someone who's been happily married for 18 years?
CCB: It's all about love and respect. It's about building up your partner into who they're meant to be. Marriage becomes a very selfless act when you want marriage to work. I hope that she'll be super happy...I know she's really in love.

Check back this weekend for more behind the scenes scoop about DWTS from Candace!
Candace Cameron Bure Dishes On 'Full House' Cast And A Potential Reunion
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