The Case of the Disappearing Waist: Ann Taylor LOFT's Epic Photoshop Fail

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There are all different body types. You've got the pretty standard 'apple,' 'pear,' 'hourglass' and now, introducing the 'WTF?!'

This figure type comes to us courtesy of Ann Taylor LOFT photo editors and simply cannot be achieved through diet and exercise alone.

Breaking news, guys: Women have hips AND a waist. We're very sorry if you find that offensive, but that's just the way it is.

This is not Ann Taylor's first Photoshop fail. In fact, there were some rogue thumbs flying around in these photos, which was more than a little bit creepy.

This one is slightly more offensive, though, because thumb placement doesn't necessarily send the wrong message to young girls the way a completely disappearing waist could.

Ironically, when the model turns to the side, her waist reappears! Oh no, there is skin there and she has a waist and everything. Someone do something, quick, before people begin to think this is acceptable.

(h/t Jezebel)
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