Carrie Underwood Spoils 'American Idol' Winner Surprise for Fans, Calls Them Dumb

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Carrie Underwood got yelled at on Twitter Wednesday night, and it wasn't because of her acting skills this time. The country singer accidentally spilled the American Idol winner too soon and ruined the surprise for fans not watching live. Some of them weren't too happy about it.

It all went down when Miss American Idol herself congratulated this season's winner Caleb Johnson on Twitter. She probably didn't think fans would totally start heckling her after she accidentally spoiled the show's ending for those who didn't watch yet...but they did.

Soon after she posted her "spoiler" tweet and read the hate tweets, she said, "People hating on me 'cause I spoiled the ending of AI = dumdums who should stay off their twitter until after they watch the show... :)"

That's pretty much what we were thinking too. Everyone knows live events air at different times in different parts of the country and that people obviously live tweet about the results...

Despite all of that, were you happy to see Caleb take home the AI crown this season?

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