Farrah Abraham's Memorial Day Fail

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We always learn something new from Farrah Abraham. Sometimes it's related to current events, or new ways to use words that we never knew existed. In this case, it was a little bit of a history lesson, but the only real lesson here is that you should never, ever get your facts from Farrah Abraham.

"There's a lot to be thankful for in May," she explains, and we're still not sure how it's different than any other month, but hey, if she wants to have Thanksgiving in May, that's totally fine with us.

"I mean, it's been pretty crazy this month in May," she continues. "Remembering Sophia's dad, my ex that passed away," she reflects. So, that's what inspired the tribute post where she shamelessly over-shared about their sex life?

"And also my family is getting older and it's kind of sad...Don't forget all the other memories to remember in Memorial Day month," she brilliantly concludes.

OK, couple of things. Your parents aren't that old, so why don't you go ahead and hold off on all that stuff? In case you weren't aware, the average US life expectancy is 78.7 years.

Sadly, some people don't get to live that long and a lot of those people are the brave men and women who lost their lives while serving our country. Why are we going there? Because THAT'S what Memorial Day is all about, Einstein.

And we fully appreciate that you want to make this holi-DAY a holi-MONTH, but please know what the heck is stands for before you go blabbing about it.

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