Why Did Rob Kardashian Ditch the KimYe Wedding?

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Rob Kardashian showed up for the pre-KimYe wedding festivities and then suddenly bailed right before his big sis said "I do."

According to a report, the 27-year-old decided to peace out at the 11th hour after some sort of family drama and was seen in tears at a Florence airport as he scrambled to score himself a seat on a flight home.

So, what went wrong? TMZ reports that Rob was upset about having to take family photos because he was uncomfortable about being in the wedding pics because of his weight gain.

OK, we are usually totally "Team Rob," but there were a couple of red flags on this one. First of all, are you new here? You were with the Kardashians, bro. If you didn't know that thousands of photos were going to be snapped, you clearly haven't been paying attention.

Second of all, it's a wedding, which is a time when even non-photo obsessed families take tons of pictures of themselves because that's just what you do at weddings. We don't know why and anyone whose ever been stuck in a butt-ugly bridesmaid dress has felt that bitter hatred toward the unwritten rule, but that's just the way it is.

Third of all, this isn't your first (or second) Kim Kardashian wedding, so you should know the drill by now.

Lastly, how did he just decide this now? We know Rob has been uncomfortable about his weight gain for awhile, so it's kind of strange that he would suddenly decide that he just feels entirely too fat to pose for photos.

That being the case, we've all been there when we're feeling totally bloated and gross and want no part of posing for photos. You know the drill - you're hanging with your friends, you're confident that you're gonna be able to fly under the photo radar, then suddenly someone busts out a camera, points it right in your direction and you're like...

We feel really bad for Rob, but maybe he's being a little too hard on himself?

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