A Random Rich Person Is Hiding Money All Over San Francisco

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Pardon us while we go book our flight to San Francisco.

Apparently, an anonymous wealthy person has been hiding money around the city, tweeting hints about where it's stashed for a project called "Hidden Cash."

"New drop: This is the view from behind the blue railing. Also look for something white and folded," the Twitter handle @hiddencash tweeted this afternoon, along with a shot of the location where he or she placed a new envelope stuffed with dough.

The secret person told the Huffington Post the project will expand to other cities, adding that they want to "start a nationwide movement" around the anonymous charitable giving.

Quite frankly, we're all for it.

"I am OK with giving out at least $1000 a day for the foreseeable future. It will not affect my finances significantly," he or she wrote in an email. "We are planning to add more cities, starting with LA next weekend, and NYC shortly afterwards."

Meanwhile, Bold Italic was able to get one hint on the person's identity, revealing that the Hidden Cash benefactor is a real estate mogul who wants to give back.

"I've made millions of dollars the last few years, more than I ever imagined, and yet many friends of mine, and people who work for me, cannot afford to buy a modest home in the Bay Area," the person told the site. "This has caused me quite a bit of reflection. I am determined to give away some of the money I make, and in addition to charity, to do it in fun, creative ways like this."

The person also said that the inspiration to do this came from the wealth gap in San Francisco, and that he or she wanted to remain anonymous because of "business associates who may take me less seriously."
Millionaire Hides Envelopes Of Cash Around San Francisco
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