Louis Tomlinson's Dad on Zouis Pot Smoking Video: "I'm Worried for Him"

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Oh boy. Looks like Louis Tomlinson's dad has been chatting up a tabloid about Zouis' joint smoking video and, well...it's not good. Join us in a collective sigh and eyeroll, will you?

Bottom line, dad claims that "fame and money have changed him."

Louis' dad, Troy Austin, told The Daily Mirror: "I'm worried for him," adding, "I do believe that being that famous will be taking its toll on them. I think everyone is concerned it could lead to other things."

Stay with us on this, there's more...loads of concern and whatnot.

Troy continued: "He [Louis] said he would never get a tattoo because it was a scar and he would never smoke because it would damage his vocal cords. He's gone the opposite way and I hope it doesn't get worse."

And here's the doozy: Louis isn't the same guy he used to be, as his dad explained, "It seems the fame and money have changed him. He's a different person to that person three years ago."

As for the pot smoking video specifically, he said: "They are under huge pressure, with a hectic schedule but their attitude in the video makes me cringe. It's very childish. They need a serious talking to. I don't agree with it but I smoked it too when I was younger. But you should never brag about it. He's got to think about his fans."

This is all sad, really...sounds like dad is cashing in on his son.

Louis Tomlinson dad

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