Carlos PenaVega Hosts 'Webheads' Solo: "Probably the Hardest Thing I've Had to Do"

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There's a new show in town!

Nickelodeon's got a brand new game show called Webheads that has kids competing in elimination challenges that revolve around viral videos. They teamed up with Ryan Seacrest Productions and managed to snag Big Time Rush's Carlos PenaVega as host.

"I got an email and phone call when I was on tour in South America, with the boys from Nickelodeon and Ryan Seacrest's team," Carlos told us. "They said it was kind of like a partnership and I said I want to know more cause I love both of them."

When Carlos got back from tour, "They took me down to an underground-dungeon-looking place and they literally had the game show built, but not with the set - it was all mock sets. They gave me a script and prompter and brought in four kids and said 'Lets see if you like this.' And Carlos more than liked it. "I fell in love," the 24-year-old said. "It's been two and a half months, and I'm in love. I never thought I'd host anything. It's a lot of work, probably the hardest thing I've had to do."

We bet it's a different environment for him without the rest of BTR. "That was something I knew I had to be okay with. With three other guys - if I didn't want to do an interview, someone else could answer more questions. It's been interesting. Not that I like it more, but the vibe is always different when it's just me because I control the vibe. When it's all four of us, there's four personalities you're bouncing off of."

But working without the boys still isn't the most challenging part of Carlos' new gig. "People don't understand how hard [hosting] is. I didn't understand how hard it was," he told us. "I thought 'How hard can it be?' They give me some words, put it on a prompter, I read it off and tell some kids 'Hey you won!' and that's it. I have so much respect for every host out there."

As far as the game show itself, which of the BTR boys does Carlos think would have the best shot at winning? "James is really good at common sense, but these videos are very tricky and Kendall always picks the most random things," he said. He didn't give us a straightforward answer, but it sounds like we can count Logan out. "Logan, when it comes to hand-eye coordination and doing things, not so...what's the word? Not so much. He can probably press A, B or C."

Webheads premieres on Nickelodeon on June 2 at 6.
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