Scout Willis Says Her Topless Instagram Protest Has Been "Incredible"

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Scout Willis is continuing to speak out about her topless protest against Instagram.

After walking around a street in New York City bare breasted following the deletion of her Instagram page, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter told the Village Voice more about her campaign, saying the response has been "incredible."

"It would be naïve to say I didn't think it would cause a controversy, a buzz," she told the mag Thursday. "But never did I expect the outpouring - both of media attention, as well as incredibly positive support."

Not all of the reactions have been positive though, with, Scout adding, "Some people either aren't aware enough of the facts to know what it is I'm actually fighting for and talking about, and some people really just don't want to take me seriously, and would rather write me off as someone who's just attention-seeking."

The socialite actually had a private Instagram until a month ago. But, once she made it public, she received two warnings in a week from the social networking site that she was posting "inappropriate" content. Those photos, from what she could muster, were snaps of her wearing sheer tops.

Scout had gotten breast reduction surgery several years ago and felt comfortable with her body, so she had no problem showing off her girls.

"It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had," she said of the surgery. "It completely changed my relationship to my body. I felt so empowered and love my breasts so much. I don't feel like wearing a bra."

After Instagram deleted her account, Scout took a walk with her boyfriend, decided to protest and took her shirt off, while her boyfriend snapped pictures. Considering toplessness has been legal in New York for 22 years, according to the site, no one made a fuss when she did it.

Then, she posted the photos on Twitter, starting a protest against Instagram for not allowing its users to do the same.

What do you think about Scout's topless protest? Tell us in the comments.
Scout Willis' Topless Protest in NYC
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