Best Senior Prank Ever: Watch This Waiter Get the Surprise of a Lifetime

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Last year, the graduating seniors at Combs High School in Arizona decided their senior prank would be starting a huge food fight in the school cafeteria.

The administration thought it was SO hilarious, they suspended 12 of the students involved and banned some of them from graduation ceremonies. First of all, what kind of prank is a food fight? Clearly, these were amateurs. Second of all, is chucking a burrito at someone's head really worth missing graduation over?

This year, the students at the same school decided to put a much better spin on the senior prank and nobody is getting suspended over this one. In fact, we hope this kind of "prank" ends up becoming a long-standing tradition because it's all kinds of amazing.

A group of students in this year's graduating class decided to "prank it forward" and their "victim" was a waiter at the local Olive Garden who needed help paying for his medical bills.

Together, they raised $510, which they presented to him at the end of their meal and it was all caught on camera. Check out the video above to see his reaction.

Have you ever participated in a "prank it forward" situation? Tell us about it in the comments below.
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