Dog Fishing Fail: Watch as This Terrier Learns a Very Tough Lesson

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Jazzy is a wire fox terrier who is obviously new to the fine art of fishing. As with any new activity, there is a certain learning curve that has to happen and what Jazzy just learned is something she certainly won't soon forget.

Basically, fish can play dead way better than any dog can and the scare at the end is insanely terrifying.

Anyone who has ever been fishing knows the feeling: You finally hook a fish and you're proudly showing him off to anyone who will look. You are at the top of the food chain and you're ready to jump up on a pedestal and start pounding your chest to show everyone how hardcore you are.

Everything is going great until suddenly, the little bastard starts flopping and flailing around and you've never felt fear so great in your life. You've also never known you could run so fast because who knows what this crazy fish is capable of if he was able to come back from the dead. You're not sticking around to find out, thanks.

Turns out, dogs feel the same way we do, as this pup so gracefully demonstrates.

Click the video above and wait for the 25-second mark, the investment of your time will be well worth it, we promise.

(h/t Elite Daily)

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