This Poor 5-Year-Old Is Totally Overwhelmed by His Love Life

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This little man has a big problem. Three of them, actually.

Here's the thing: He's only 5 years old, but he's already got 3 girlfriends, which is entirely too much to handle.

Don't get the wrong idea, though, he's not ready to become a one woman man just yet. He just wants to scale back the girlfriend inventory by one.

"It's like, I have to give one up. I don't know," he tells his mom. "It's like, they're all pretty. I'll have to give one up." That actually makes sense, because if he cut it down to two, he could still hold hands with both of them as they head out to recess.

How do the girls feel about the elementary school Hugh Hefner, though? Unless this kid's pockets are overflowing with (lunch) money, we can't imagine they'd be on board with the whole situation.

What's a little dude to do, then? Watch the video to see him try to solve this incredibly difficult predicament.

(h/t Elite Daily)


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